About Our Practice

About our Practice

Humber Summit Family Dental was formed based on the foundation of building better dental health by mutual trust, communication, and understanding. It is our belief that after being provided with all treatment options, risks, benefits, and consequences of no treatment, you have the right to choose what is best for you. Our hope is that we educate and inform you of your dental health in a comfortable, clean, prompt, stress-free environment. We pay attention to your every need and want and offer sympathetic care that recognizes the fears many of youmay have about visiting the dentist.
Humber Summit Family Dental is proud of our community and the role we play in providing oral healthcare to those in and around Emery Village, North York. Our comprehensive approach can successfully blend the art and science of dentistry with the realities of your lifestyle, health concerns, and budget. From all of us at Humber Summit Family Dental, we invite you to come see for yourself the difference in the way you will be cared for. As a member of our practice family, you will find a welcoming team listening to you and understanding your needs, which is our main priority.
The primary goal of our dental practice is to serve the community by helping everyone achieve their best smile! We are a family focused dental practice that places a priority on a relaxed patient experience and building respectful, trusting relationships. Whether you are a new patient, or you’ve been to our office for decades, you will receive an individualized approach to the care and service we provide.