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We welcome all new patients and dental emergencies in North York & surrounding areas

Welcome to our dental office. Prevention and dental treatments for your family from our family. At our dental office, we recommend routine dental exams as a way to help you maintain exceptional oral health. Our family dentistry and general dental services include innovative technology to ensure an overall pleasant experience during your visit. Our welcoming and friendly team and professional dentists are inviting to all patients, kids, adults and seniors.

Regardless of what your dental visit might entail – we ensure an all-round positive, comfortable and stress-free experience.

We provide gentle dental care for your whole family.

It is essential for young children to always be informed on how to clean and maintain good oral health. Our team can make your child’s dental experience enjoyable while ensuring your child practices effective dental routines. Issues with the alignment of the teeth usually happen in the late mixed dentition, which corresponds to 9-12 years of age. This requires close review and evaluation from our professionals.

Teenagers should have regular dental examinations to ensure they maintain good oral health as they age.

The oral health in addition to the quality of your teeth may change as a patient grows older. Our recommendation is that adults have routine dental examinations to make certain their teeth, gums and overall dental health is within excellent form.

We take your oral health seriously. Don’t hesitate to call us today with any questions or concerns.

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