Dental Crown & Bridge

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Dental Crown & Bridge in North York

A dental crown is a tooth restoration which completely covers a broken or decayed tooth. The crown covers the tooth completely while providing strength and support to the damaged tooth. A dental crown is a procedure which also improves the overall look and feel of your tooth.

Dental Crown Procedure

Upon preparing your tooth to receive a crown, we will fit you with a natural-looking temporary crown while your final is being crafted. A detailed, accurate impressions of your teeth and your bite are taken and sent to our trusted lab, where experienced technicians will fabricate your final crown under the dentist’s direction. When your crown comes back from the lab, it is cemented into place, and the dentist will make any final adjustments to ensure a proper and comfortable bite.

A dental bridge takes support of adjoining teeth to replace a missing tooth. The missing tooth is replaced by a prosthetic tooth called a pontic and the adjacent teeth are prepared similar to a crown to receive the bridge. Similar to a crown fabrication, a temporary bridge is cemented in place until the final bridge is received from the lab.

Dental Crown and Bridge