Dr.Aparna Narvekar

I believe in open communication and individualized treatment plan that meets your needs and expectations. My treatment philosophy is “Do it once, do it right and forget about it”. While I enjoy dentistry as a whole, I am passionate about preventive care, esthetic dentistry and like working with children. I am looking forward to interacting with you and your family.

Dr. Aparna graduated as a Dentist from India in 2002 and did a masters in Prosthodontics. She has worked as a dentist in private practice in India, as well as an Assistant Professor teaching Prosthodontics at the university. She worked as a specialist dentist in Bahrain for a while before moving to Canada. Dr. Aparna received her DMD from McGill University in 2018. Living in different parts of the world, she grew up learning many languages, and is interested in learning about different cultures. She loves travelling and spending time with her family.